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Jietna artista Sámis | Sound artist from Sápmi


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DJ, producer and sound artist from Sápmi known under the alias DJ iDJa. Guided by a mission to modernize sámi music, DJ iDJa blends his cultural background with technology - pushing boundaries of what it means to be a Sámi indigenous musician today.

Watch the video presentation of him that was aired on state broadcaster NRKs program «Festivalsommer»:



In his work to modernize Sami music, DJ iDJa combines joik and Sámi with technology and electronica. Listen to one of his DJ mixes below, where he's also added some of his own video footage to go together with the music:


Selected projects

DJ iDJa is a highly versitile sound artist from Sápmi capable of getting both a dancefloor moving with modern Sámi club music, at the same time as he holds the rare ability of creating space for reflection and introspection with his intense ambient-focused live sets. More recently, he has also gained experience as a movie producer with his art/music video Techno Áhčči - which has won two prices and that has been shown at film festivals around the world. To get a feeling of his diversity as an artist, check out the selected projects below:

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