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About Techno Áhčči

«What happens when an indigenous artist from the Arctic meets the vibrant techno scene of a European capital? Ever since his first visit to Berlin, the Sámi artist DJ iDJa has been working on his audiovisual art project «Techno Áhčči». The project combines Sámi traditions with those of techno. The result is a contrasting, unique audiovisual experience. See the official trailer:»

The production has had two main locations: Sápmi and Berlin, and has involved a large crew from three continents - with lot of people volunteering as well. 

The production was supported by the Sámi Parliament, Nordland County, Hemnes Municipality, Arts Council Norway, Music Norway and the International Sámi Film Institute. It was chosen for the official program for the Norwegian Short Film Festival in June 2023, and has since been shown at film festivals all around the world.

Watch the film on the projects official website

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