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Live performance at Garden, Eriksmåla (Sweden, 2023)

This distinctive project presents a live ambient performance deeply rooted in the artist's profound journey to the abandoned village of Tennvatn in southern Sápmi during the summer of 2023.

Nestled within the municipality of Sørfold, Tennvatn was forsaken in the 1970s and 1980s due to governmental centralization policies, leaving it accessible only by boat. Although bereft of permanent residents, the village thrives with abundant flora and fauna, untouched by the modern cacophony of urban life.

Some photos from the area:

DJ iDJa's expedition to Tennvatn spanned three days, during which he meticulously recorded the sounds of babbling brooks, wildlife, insects, and the serene ambience of the forest. These recordings encapsulate the captivating transformation that occurs when nature reclaims an area, crafting an auditory landscape where the sounds of nature reign supreme.


The heart of DJ iDJa's project resides in the transformation of these recordings into a live ambient performance. Shown for the first time at the Garden venue in Eriksmåla, Sweden, before a select audience in July 2023, the performance skillfully weaves the narrative of estrangement between humanity and nature. Live processing techniques are employed to fragment the recordings into ever smaller pieces, mirroring the fading memories of what once was.


Amidst the relentless tide of human-generated noise that blankets our modern existence, DJ iDJa muses, "The stranglehold of sound pollution is eclipsing our natural world, rendering nature an alien concept we encounter only in controlled urban settings."


This project endeavors to forge a deeper connection between the listener and the present moment, prompting contemplation on the state of the world. However, the interpretation of the performance remains open-ended, allowing the audience to shape their experience and reflections.


See the full performance in Sweden here:

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