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STAAJNE (theatrical play, 2023)

STAAJNE is a theatrical production presented by DKS Nordland. This captivating play embarked on a regional tour, gracing upper secondary schools across the Lofoten and Vesterålen regions throughout autumn 2023, leaving an impact on approximately 2000 students. A collaboration between Sámi artists hailing from various corners of Sápmi, STAAJNE weaves together the tapestry of Sámi culture by uniting five distinct Sámi languages: Pitesámi, lulesámi, umesámi, southern sámi and northern sámi.

In this enthralling narrative, DJ iDJa steps into the role of 'Mahtte,' a denizen of the Sáve realm, the Sámi's paradise after death. Mahtte is the brother of the central character, Iŋke (portrayed by the talented Emma Elliane Oskal Valkeapää), while Iŋke's journey is further enriched by her companion, Aigin (brought to life by Ole-Henrik Lifjell).


Together, Iŋke and Aigin navigate a post-apocalyptic world where resources are scarce, leading them to serendipitously stumble upon the mystical realm of Sáive. As they uncover the ominous threat of real-world pollution encroaching upon Sáive, jeopardizing both realms, they return to the earthly realm armed with knowledge to safeguard their intertwined futures. While Iŋke resides in the earthly realm, Mahtte's abode is in the ethereal Sáive realm.

Beyond making his acting debut, DJ iDJa has masterfully curated the play's music and sound design, seamlessly merging his proficiency as a live electronic musician with newfound acting skills.

STAAJNE transcends the stage to deliver a poignant message on environmental preservation. It's a testament to the rich heritage and languages of the Sámi community.

Om artistene:

Den samiske lydkunstneren iDJa utforsker samspillet mellom natur og teknologi i sin musikk. Han bruker gjerne egne lydopptak fra naturen som utgangspunkt for lyddesign. iDJa har studert elektronisk musikk i Berlin, noe som har hatt en stor innflytelse på hans uttrykk.

Ramona Linnea er sørsamisk artist med røtter fra Helgeland i Nordland. Hennes ønske om å bevare det sørsamiske språket og reindriften kommer til uttrykk i sangene hun skriver. Joiken har hun alltid hatt med seg og ønsker å gi lytterne et ekte og naturlig uttrykk.

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