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DJ iDJas passion for electronic music on one hand, and the Sámi culture and language on the other, comes together in his work to create a story on what it means to be a Sámi musician today. The driving force is always experimentation, where every work is a journey into something new.

Selected works


Remix of Sweet Tempest hit-track «White Country»

DJ iDJa was in the spring of 2023 asked by the Danish band Sweet Tempest to do a remix of their hit song «White Country», a track with 700.000 plays on Spotify.

DJ iDJa did a fresh techno-take on the remix, which was release on Aug 4th.

From the bands press release:

«DJ iDJa, a talented artist with Sami heritage, presents a new addition to the highly anticipated Sweet Tempest 'white country' remix EP. His rendition offers an electrifying and energetic techno composition that is guaranteed to get the crowd moving and exhilarated. The track's pinnacle is an undeniable standout, showcasing its brilliance and leaving a lasting impression».


Takeover at London-based radioshow «THREADS»

On Saturday, April 1st, DJ iDJa did a special take-over on London-based internet radio station THREADS.

The colobaration was between THREADS, Etikett Radio Berlin, and two independent collectives: Field Conspiracy and FOAD.

The performance featured soundscapes from Sápmi, paulstretched joik and ambient nature sounds.


Spatial Sound Performance in Berlin

8-channel sound performance where the artist used multiple techniques to create an art piece with exploration of soundscapes with both with and depth.

Presented as a part of the «Spatial Sound Festival» in Berlin in March 2023.


Techno Áhčči art project

Audiovisual art project consisting of soundtrack and film, where the artist combines sámi influences with those of techno. Here, The artist handled a large production, consisting of locations in both Norway and Germany - as well as a large crew from three continents.

The film is nominated to the «Golden Chair» and was picked out from almost 3.000 entries to the official program for the «Norwegian Short Film Festival» in June 2023.

The film has since been screened at film festivals all around the world.


Billistit Olmmáivuođa

Single released together with northern sámi talent Sunna Máret Utsi. Mixed and produced by DJ iDJa, text by Sunna Máret Utsi.



Single released together with northern sámi talent Inna Marja Amundsen, mixed and produced by DJ iDJa. It became «Urbi of the month» and placed 2nd as «track of the year» at NRK Sápmi.


Dim the light

Single where the artist experimented more with sound design within the easy-listening synthwave genre. Vocals by Ellisiv Olsen.



Album consisting of 11 songs that DJ iDJa produced. Vocals in english and southern sámi by Ramona Kappfjell Sørfjell and Ole-Henrik Bjørkmo Lifjell (alias ÅVLA).

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