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Spatial Sound multichannel performance, Berlin 2023

The live act «Artifical Relation To Nature» premiered at The Spatial Sound Festival in Berlin in March 2023. In the piece, DJ iDJa performed together with Danish act Koviljka from Copenhagen.


They premiered the piece at the festival - to great response from the audience. Below you find both a sound- and video-recording from the performance.


It dosen’t quite give the full experience provided by an 8-channel system - still, you get an impression of the atmospheres created.

This audio is from the last 30 minutes of the performance:

00:00 / 01:04

Dát video sisdoallá daid 10 maŋimuš minuhta dán ovdanbuktimis:  

…ja dát video muitala bihtá višuvnna birra:

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