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Selected DJ-gigs worth mentioning

In his quest to modernize sámi music, DJ iDJa is combining joik and sámi language with house and techno influences.


He has produced multiple singles and one album, with one of his tracks placing 2nd as «Track of the year» at NRK Sápmi. Recently, he’s also gained experience as a movie producer, with his art video «Techno Áhčči» being nominated for the Golden Chair at the national Short Film Festival in Grimstad, Norway. It has later been shown at film festivals around the world.

DJ iDJa has played on all bigger venues in Sápmi, ranging from a full Báktehárji in Guovdageainnu with 600 people - to a small tent on the plains of the Márkomeannu festival with 50 people. His passion for electronic music on one hand - and sámi joik and language on the other, comes togehter in his DJ-sets.

Check out this Sámi disco mix he performed at the Riddu Riđđu festival:

00:00 / 09:26

To see a highlight-video of the different places DJ iDJa has played, watch this video on TikTok.

5 hour DJ-gig at «Agenda Nord-Norge»

Agenda Nord-Norge is an annual conference that brings together leaders, experts, and stakeholders from various sectors and regions in Northern Norway. The conference aims to discuss the current challenges and opportunities facing the region, such as climate change, energy transition, health crisis, and social development. The conference also provides a platform for networking, learning, and innovation. In 2023, the conference was held in Bodø - the capital of Nordland county. DJ iDJa was here invited to do a special 5-hour set to contribute to the atmosphere, as the participants gathered for socializing on Wednesday the 9th of November. Being the longest set DJ iDJa has ever played, he took the crowd on a musical journey, combining Sámi music with his passion for deep house, techno and ambient. «I’m reminded of the power of gatherings like this to unite decision-makers and influencers. It’s a opportunity to orchestrate a symphony of ideas addressing our time’s most critical challenges, in particular the climate crisis. Let’s amplify the conversation and tune into the rhythm of positive change», the artist wrote on Instagram prior to his DJ-set.

DJ-gig at Berlinische Galerie and the grand opening of “Edvard Munch. Magic of the North” (2023)

In September, DJ iDJa was invited to do a special DJ-set in regards to the opening of a Munch exhibition in Berlin, which was put together by Berlinische Galerie in collaboration with the MUNCH Museum in Oslo. In this DJ-set, DJ iDJa combined some of his own field recordings from pmi with poems in the northern Sámi tongue - as well as a selection of electronic music stretching from ambient to deep house and slow techno. A recording of the set was published on Mixcloud, and you can stream it here. You can also see a small video-recap below:

DJ-gig at festival in Prague, 2023

In the summer of 2023, DJ iDJa was invited to do a DJ-set in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. With over 60,000 participants in the parade, Prague Pride is a big event in the city - with multiple events happening each day for an entire week. DJ iDJa played on the main outdoor stage on the very opening night of the entire Pride week, and introduced joik and Sámi electronica to several hundred in the audience - who had turned up to dance and celebrate, despite somewhat unstable weather conditions.

Váldit oktavuođa

DJ-gig at Márkomeannu (2023)

In the end of July, DJ iDJa played two gigs at the Márkomeannu festival in northern Norway. Here he premiered new songs he’s working on together with other Sámi artists, and the songs received great response from the audience. You can see at re-cap of the gig below:

DJ-gig at Oslo Concert Hall (2023)

DJ iDJa joined forces with DJ Ailo to celebrate the Sámi National Day. On Saturday Feb 4th, two days before the big day, they performed a DJ-set together at the Oslo Concert Hall. DJ iDJa went on to perform a second DJ-set on the day itself as well (Feb 6th) at a venue at down-town Oslo, which was filled to its core.