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About Techno Áhčči

Terms and conditions

DJ iDJa is a DJ, music producer and sound artist from Sápmi. Promoters wishing to book DJ iDJa for their next event are welcome to get in touch with the artist for a quote, via e-mail or via the form on the front page. The following section describes the standard conditions for booking.

Check also out where he's played earlier, here.

Rider specifications


2 x Pioneer CDJ900 (or newer) with support for Recordbox.

1 x Pioneer DJM700 (or newer) sound mixer.

Table/stand in approx 65-70 cm height.

Stage monitor is required, must be possible to control from the DJ-mixer.

Speakers: No particular requirements, the organiser is best suited to consider speakers in context of the venue.

Microphone: One microphone that can be controlled from the DJ-mixers "mic" output.

Live sets









Download stage setup for live sets via the link above.

Hospitality (on stage)

3 x Pepsi max bottles 0,5 l.

2 x water bootles 0,5l.

Dried reindeer meat.

2 x protein bars.

Simple dining after concert, e.g. chicken salad/wrap.

Other information


Length of DJ-sets: 2 hours
(longer sets must be agreed upon with at least two weeks notice).

Length of live sets: 45-60 minutes.

Transport and accommodation

- Pricer offer will often include estimated travel and accommodation expenses, for the convenience of the organiser.

- If the organiser arrange with travel and stay, this fee will not be billed. Stay at hotel must in any instance include breakfast.

- Organiser must arrange transport from hotel to venue, and from the hotel/venue to airport/train station after gig (unless other is agreed upon in advance).

Offer validity

Price offers is sent via e-mail upon request, and is valid for one week. Note that the agreement is not formally accepted until the contract is signed by both parties.

Invoice is due 14 days after arrangement date, and is sent via e-mail.

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